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Miscellaneous Store 2019

Pay for your Nutritional Science course fee below by clicking on 'Nutritional Science' below. Then choose the item that you wish to purchase. Check your program or PupilPath for your Nutritional Science teacher's name and Class Period which must be entered correctly when you pay for your course fee. Click on 'Add to Cart' at the bottom to add items to your shopping cart. When you have finished selecting items, click on 'View Cart' to see your items, and then click on 'Proceed to Checkout' when you're ready to purchase the items. Then, fill out ALL INFORMATION, and click 'Review Order' at the bottom right of the page. After you have reviewed your order, click on 'Purchase' to complete the transaction. Then, print out a copy of your receipt.

If you have any questions about your purchase, please e-mail Ms. Stern, Nutritional Science teacher, at the following address:

Ms. Stern is running the Miscellaneous/Nutritional Science Course Fee store and can best answer your queries.

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